Walking Cinema Museum of the Hidden City

Release:  In Production Now

Summary: Why is one neighborhood in the center of the most expensive city in the US resisting gentrification?  What clues can be found in the streets about the history and fate of the eclectic Tenderloin?  This is an interactive story for web, tablet, and mobile that immerses audiences in the front lines of a battle for a city's identity.   

Funders:  Rainin Foundation Arts Grant.  Interested in partnering or supporting the project?  Email: michael@untravelmedia.com.  


Walking Cinema: Posts from Gloucester

Release:  Aug. 2012, Gloucester, MA

Website:  http://ghwalk.org

Summary: Hired by Cambridge7 Associates to create a digital storytelling layer for harbor redevelopment of America's oldest fishing town.  Made use of real world installations such as a granite markers, dry-docked boats, photo installations, and a fisherman's shack in tandem with handheld media. 

Awards:  2013 Gold Muse Award, American Alliance of Museums

Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill

Release:  Aug. 2009, Boston, MA

Website:  http://www.parkmanmurder.com

Summary: Received Digital Humanities grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and partnered with PBS American Experience director to produce a unique location-based extension of a documentary film.  The story of a Harvard professor accused of killing the richest man in Boston in the mid-19th century is told among the remnants of the crime still lurking in modern-day Boston. 

Awards:  2010 New Media Award, Boston International Film Festival

Walking Cinema: The Legend of Casteo

Release:  Aug. 2005, Venice, Italy


Website:  http://web.mit.edu/frontiers

Summary: Worked with Venice Biennale, MIT Senseable Cities Lab, and IUAV Design School in Venice to develop a first-ever location-based mobile documentary about craftsmen living around the world's leading contemporary art exhibit.  A Gondola-builder, operatic fisherman, and an erotic glass blower guide you into hidden spaces in Venice's last local neighborhood.   

Awards:  Purchased by Venice Biennale to be part of permanent exhibit, featured in Wired, Corriere della Sera, and semi-finalist in MIT 100K Competition.